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This site is the clearinghouse for several of my online activities.

Do you need a digital marketing strategist? I have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, including PPC ads (Google, Facebook), social media, email, Big Data and marketing automation strategy. I have grown small startups into multi-million dollar companies and worked on large-scale Fortune 500 product launches. I specialize in creative products like fine art, music, and other things that people often say there’s no market for. If you have a weird, quirky product and need help growing beyond a niche audience, I’m your guy.

Do you like stories? I’m an actor. No, like a real one. I do Shakespeare, storytelling, and films. See a collection of photos from my shows here.

Are you a fine artist? I founded, where we help other artists figure out how to turn their passion into an online business.

People tell me I’m very enthusiastic.

Here’s what else they say:

“…enthusiastic, and it’s contagious.” – Kathryn R.

“Cory spent a lot of time asking questions and truly understanding the situation before establishing a plan of action. He is a true consultant, knowing the difference between a strategy and a see-if-it-sticks tactic.” – Jenica Cogdill, Ecommerce leader at Les Schwab

“He is an enthusiastic presenter and generous with his information and time. His anecdotes and insight into the online sales and marketing of art encouraged the group to think outside the box and he offered hands on tools for them to move forward with new ideas.” – Nichole DeMent, Executive Director at CoCA

“Marvelous…masculine…stunning…” –


If you really want the more personal stuff:

I’ve been acting since I was a little kid. That experience informs everything I do. When I approach new projects I have the attitude that any problem can be solved with a little bit of hard work, solid technique, and a whole lot of imagination.

I am @AGoodHusband, on Twitter at least, or at least I try to be. Lots of people ask me about that Twitter handle. I started it as part of a marriage blog that I ran in the mid-2000’s. I kept the Twitter handle because it helps remind me of my priorities. I firmly believe that I cannot place each part of my life in separate silos and still reach my full potential.

I love my wife, acting, dancing, my XBOX 360, PDX, Order of the Stick, and am a die hard University of Utah alumnus. I have a lot of interests and am always pursuing some project or other. Currently I’m most interested in working on projects that bring artists, technology, and business together in new and creative ways.

If you are interested in connecting with me, visit my Contact Me page.